Like Reinventing the Wheel: A Critique on the Availablity of Information for Female Sexual Pleasure

*Some links are mature.

This blog was inspired by a discussion about vaginas an old friend of mine and I are having via e-mail. It started when I posted a picture of the tattoo I am debating getting on my facebook profile.


This image comes from The Story of V: A Natural History of Female Sexuality by Catherine Blackledge. Originatingin pagan and polytheism beliefs such as flashing one’s vulva at crops will help the growth of plants or at ships as they left harbor will bring good luck to the sailor, revealing one’s vulva also had the power to frighten away the devil. And for this reason, vulvas were carved on Catholic churches. Of course, most of the carvings were eventually defaced.

So are all of our vaginal teeth broken out? Where’s the bite and the power to scare the Devil? Long gone and forgotten it seems. Defaced, degraded, and devalued.

 But we’ve got the Pill and we don’t get stoned or have the tips of our noses cut off. We’ve got blogs like “10 Major Tools for Female Sexuality” and Cosmo. Of course I’m being a bit sarcastic for the quality of information presented is these forms. In my opinion, tips from these sources are aimed at women but still fulfill male desires. I’ve been to a Slumber Party before and even within the focus of female pleasure, female sexuality was generalized.

Do you know that women have prostates too? According to Blackledge’s research, the female prostate is the G-spot. Yet the G-spot’s existence is debated, and a college level anatomy text book, hundreds of pages long, gives one line to the “para-urethra gland.” The clitoris is still left out of college level biology text books in the reproduction sections!

Maybe it’s just my insatiable-ness that requires a variety of information, history, and philosophy. I even want more than the Vagina Monologues. I’ll have to get to Sexy Spring one of these day. Until then, I’ll be composing my own erotica and preaching The Story of V.



  1. Blanca said

    I had no idea those superstitions or well beliefs existed. I couldn’t ever grasp that flashing crops would make them grow.

    I agree, I don’t think I have ever read a magazine article in a mainstream magazine about how men can pleasure women or how women can pleasure themselves.

    Maybe they should worry more about their readers getting pleasure than men.

  2. Ann said

    I recommend The Story of V to everyone!
    I have a tiny speck of support for magazines as it is the only information available to the masses and well, at the least they allow women to be sexual in some way. As a teen, I read a lot of Cosmo. And while this is not the things teens should read, it is the only form of sexual information readily available, beside abstinence. At the very least, magazines can be a starting point for the discovery of sexuality. But of course they are mostly condemnable.

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