Rape Trees: Anti-Immigration and Humanitarian Interpretations

The idea of rape trees is horrific. One blog I read, however, noted that there is no substantial evidence that proves women were raped at that location. The author also calls herself a feminist which is just interesting to note.

Because I’m not an avid follower of ultra conservative border blogs, I didn’t realize what a trigger this rape tree idea is for what I assume are anti-immigration and border wall types. Rape trees and idiotds, useful and otherwise

So with the connection that it is an inspiration for anti-immigration movements and bad reporting ethics, the rape of immigrant women can be over looked as a tool to pass laws. Without “proof,” which is often lacking in everyday rape trials, we can all just ignore the idiots spouting lies of the reality that immigrant women are sexually assaulted to benefit anti-immigration. And who knows, maybe the rape trees have been blown out of proportion. They aren’t right in the middle of a city’s park. It happens where no one to witness crimes.

Another blog discusses the issue of the reproductive rights of immigrant women detained by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

In 2008, nearly 10% of women detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)were deemed to be pregnant. According to ICE agency spokeswoman, Cori Bassett, “Preliminary records indicated that during fiscal year ‘08 and ‘09 to date, no detainee has had a pregnancy terminated while in ICE custody.” That means that out of the 965 pregnant detainees counted in 2008, not a single woman underwent an abortion procedure.

This blog is very much worth reading! There are so many related topics. Women planning to immigrate are being warned that they could very likely be sexually assault and are advised to take the Pill to prepare. If the rape trees don’t prove anything, maybe we should ask the women who are now bearing the children.  Immigrant Women Rape Victims Denied Access to Abortion in Custody quotes from the same blog “Rape trees and idiots, useless and otherwise” is critiquing as well. So it does show the prominence of one center for which the issue arises. 

The debate can go further as the rape trees are found in South Arizona as well. The fact that the trees can be found within US boarders can also be used as a scare tactic, but over looks the real importance. Immigrant women are being raped every day. And, in the custody of American law enforcement, they are not helped. I also connect this with blaming women for putting themselves in dangerous situations as well.



  1. vidadenanda said

    Sadly, the fact is that many of these women expect to be raped, but for them, living in a country where they live in fear of continued state-sponsored violence, death squads, or perpetual hunger, means their only viable option is to migrate. Most of these women, knowingly, will be raped before they ever reach their destination. To put themselves, willingly, in that situation reeks of desperation.

  2. Ann said

    I added another link to this post. It can be found in the text in “Southern Arizona.” This is the artcle that the other blogs quote from.

  3. jw said

    I am anti-illegal aliens hun. I’m against anyone who isn’t a United States citizen, or @ least trying to become one taking a job an American citizen needs. I know too many American citizens who have lost everything because they can’t get a job; & that can be blamed on 2 things; illegal immigrants & sending so many jobs overseas.

    • Ann said

      Ok that’s great. I’m against the selling of jobs to the lowest bidder as well. But i’m also a humanitarian.

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