I want to focus on current women’s issue, of course. “Current events” is a broad rationale for my blog. But I think this is a person goal to look for news about the politics of women. I’m totally getting a Ms. subscription! Keeping focused on being current will keep me from blogging about Kathleen Hanna, The Raincoats, and ranting about vanilla-sex with my husband continuously. History is great, but I am in the current progression of feminism. 

I am interested in images of women right now. With Dora the Explorer getting a make over for tweens and one of my acquaintances getting a pirate-woman tattooed on his arm, it seems images of women are revealing themselves to me. My feminist-filter is not satisfied until I understand why I don’t like them. Thus far, I have blogged the topics that have come up naturally in my daily life. While I like research-motivation springing from actual experiences, I aim to be more professional than the first couple of my blogs.

So to make a definite point of rationale, my blog for Cyberfeminisms will be current images of women where ever I find them. Pointing out the positive and negative images of women supports cultural intervention because it is the images stored in the brain that create perceptions. Perceptions are practiced thought patterns.



  1. Kate M. said

    no way! Dora is getting a makeover?
    In my tiny bizarre world that is HUGE.

    Also, I very much look forward to what you have to say about women and images of women.

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