Reading Post #1 Policy Change?

I read the articles “The Third Wave: At a Computer Near You,” “From the Barricades to Blogs,” “From Where I Sit,” and “Shelf Life 2.0.” A point that stood out in each of the readings was the lack of mass organization and policy change through blogging. The internet was my first experience with feminism. I found Riot Grrrl music and started posting rants about the crap tampons and pads are made of in my high school bathrooms, until I got in trouble for it 😉 Don’t want to scare the poor fresh(wo)men. I think bloggin for the feminist movement as a source for learning. One article pointed out that no comments are posted when the topic is policy change. I don’t know what to say to that. What does that show more than the fact that blogging alone is not going to change the world no matter how any women are connected to what interests them?

Where is the social movement in the third wave? I think it is what is lacking in the movement that makes it seem like a myth. I think the most important part of improving the status of women is the one that is most over looked. When women are empowered, the world changes. Empower women, they don’t have as many children which improves poverty, prostitution, crime, world hunger. All because women want to do more than what is “their place in society.” The organization that is lacking I think comes from the fact that the movement is no longer just within our own country. We have to think about MASSIVE social change around the world. Change the view of women not just in our own country, not just for the women who we see everyday, but for every woman. I was never afraid of the word “feminist.” I was afraid of the word “activist.”


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  1. Alia said

    I am totally convinced that people are afraid of the word activist as well. It seems that many people are willing to say their thoughts, voice their opinions, but when it comes down to actually doing something about a situation they become stiff and unmoveable. Perhaps it is fear that terrorizes people into action, but whatever it is, something needs to change. Our generation is the first to not have fought for something we wanted as outright and blatent as previous generations. Perhaps our generation will soon fight for those things we want the most because we have no other choice.
    Massive social change around the world is just what our message may be. Women in other countries are not given any rights whatsoever and yet only small voices are heard. Imagine the power of even more voices. Imagine the change.

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