Second Reading Post: Connectivity

After reading the Introduction at S&F Online, I read “Race, Sexuality, Cyberactivism and the Legacy of Rashawn Brasell” and “The Personal is Political: Feminist Blogging and Virtual Consciousness-Raising.”

In the Introduction and “The Personal is Political…” I was continuously reminded of Lerner’s “The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-seventy” because of the way women’s writing must be constantly validated by the author and activists. This brings to mind the teaching methods that are dominated by masculine characteristics. The idea came to my mind when “Where are the Women?” was asked, that a newsletter/zine should be made to reach others outside of the blogging sphere. Is that too 90’s?

Women’s blogs are overlooked for sure, but there is major marginalization of LGBT related news coverage and blogs as the “…Legacy of Rashawn Brasell” points out. I support gay marriage, but I had not realized how I separated the importance of the issues. I put feminism first. But I am beginning to argue that this is not how activists should be. H. Clinton said that women’s rights are human rights. Well, what about the rights of people with non-hetero-sexualities?

I am involved with the planning of a Take Back the Night rally and march. I think it’s wonderful, but it’s not the rally I would create on my own. I am interested in organizing a rally for the awareness of human rights. But how far spread can an organization become? I am imaging pro-choice alongside pro-life activists. I like the idea of restraining the separation of like-groups. But it is almost too ideal to be successful in my mind.


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