Rationale Update and a Comment to a Blog I Can’t Find

I would like to update my blog rationale. To limit “images of women” a bit more, I am going to only look at women in art whether that be music, literature, or tattoos. Further, I would like to keep images of women in art open to consider women as artists as well. I may even try to stick with women as artists entirely because the art that women make is more interesting than the art that is made of them.

Someone wrote a blog about objectification of women. I can’t find that blog again so I’ll just say what I wanted to say right here. In the article “The Raincoats: Breaking Down Punk Rock’s Masculinities” by C. O’meara, the author noted the idea of “object and creator.” The idea of being “object and creator” means that one recognizes that women are both objects and creators. I think the article was claiming that punk rock gals understand this idea. Can we exist outside of objectivity? I think the importance of beauty should be lessened a WHOLE bunch!


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