Wetlands: “Female Writers Get Graphic About Their Bodies”

A book that is coming out was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. She said she read a little thing about it and thought I might like the it: Wetlands by Charlotte Roche. So I looked it up and it makes me wonder what my friend actually read about it. The novel is extremely explicit which is usually alright with me but not with this friend of mine. The reviews I’ve read usually pull out the true point of the novel which lies below the graphic details of the heroine’s sex life. But it is also seen as smut or “a waste of paper.”

I can’t find the blog I read a couple of days ago about it. Maybe I’ll find it after a while. I liked it’s critique of Wetlands. It talked of erotic novels by women as something that shocks and sells, but when under real literary critique, the writing is really below par. So Wetlands could fall into this category of exploiting shocking sexualities of women.

But I would also like to add that Wetlands was not created for pornographic purposes. The main character is the product of a broken family. I would argue that the character’s behavior is another level of the sexual socialization of women that makes for odd ideas of self, body, sex, and sexuality. And within it’s sickening truth and detail, an experience is represented that usually keeps silent unless it’s in pornography. The novel does not have positive ideas of sexuality that would make it a feminist text. But I don’t think I would call it an anti-feminist text from what I have read.

A number (an example “Female Writers Get Graphic About Thier Bodies“) of the blogs say that this type of book is trendy right now. So it makes me think that perhaps this is an outburst of the sexual and bodily repression women have experienced for a LONG time. And honestly, it is my dream to create something beyond The Vagina Monologues. Maybe I can get some friends to go in on a copy with me.



  1. I wouldn’t say this is directly related to your post but its about books so. . .I read something in Bitch Magazine about a new trend “abstinence porn” it focuses on Twilight. Not sure if you read it or not but from ideas of self, body, sex, and sexuality to “abstinence porn” directed to a teen market I guess there something out there for everyone.

    Link To Article Mentioned-http://bitchmagazine.org/article/bite-me-or-dont

    • Ann said

      I’ve read the article about “Twilight” actually. I thought it was pretty interesting how it is possible to sexually glorify abstinence. I’m horrified that people I know fall for the stuff. I did not read the series, but Bitch’s totally bias feminist critique of the novels put them in the garbage in my mind at least! 🙂 I showed the article from Bitch to a gal that is WAY into them. She didn’t respond directly to me, but posted a comment that said she “does not live in a fantasy world.” 😉 I still love her despite her taste in literature.

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