Odyshape Lyrics

I have come to terms with the fact that my Women’s Studies assignment is not going to get done tonight. So I’ll make some posts for my own creative outpour in hope of discussion. Here’s another song by The Raincoats (I hope no one is tired of hearing about them yet!)


She looks, She looks embarrassed, embarrassed

She looks in mirror in magazine

I’m not glamourous or polished

In fact I’m no ornament

it could be my body shape

I wonder if I’ll ever look right

Blot on the landskape, unrefined

Quite out of place

Her nose is too big

Maybe operation

Her waist too wide. Slim slim

Her hair is not shining. Oh!

It isn’t fair she isn’t fair

You’re walking sad

You’re looking bad

you’re talking sad

You’re looking bad

Hung up for fractional inches

Hung up for the cloth that pinches

Do I measure up to your expectations?

Am I owed any explanations?


The Raincoats. “Odyshape.” 1980, 1993. Geffen Records Inc.


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