Only Loved At Night

Well, I thought I would post lyrics to The Raincoats’ songs. When I was looking for lyrics months ago, I couldn’t find them on the Internet. So, to be helpful to others and spread awareness of The Raincoats, I’m going to do some typing. Also, I would hope that if there is anyone else out there with the lyrics to the first self-titled album, you will post them as well. I’m interested in the song “Off Duty Trip.”

The song topics are also related to my blog! So that’s a plus!

“Only Loved At Night”

A beauty only loved at night

At daytime a face full of marks

Her eyes have been in flames all night

The sun won’t have eyes for her again.

Only loved at night, the lady in the dark

Knew the size of tall buildings

How dear a day kiss could be

Those buildings that saw all the airplanes

That kissed the air in vain fantasies

Only loved at night

The lady in the dark

Didn’t her eyes reflect all of this?

Why couldn’t they look into her eyes?

Didn’t each night lover her another time

Male nights and sometimes female

Boys loved her at night

Girls love her in the dark.


The Raincoats. “Only Loved at Night.” 1980, 1993. Geffen Records Inc.


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