Take Back the Night 4/4/09

Saturday was the Take Back the Night rally and march! It was great! Attendants still don’t get the idea of a MARCH, however. They totally speed walk it. But it’s only the third year. These college and high school students are not activists on a regular basis. We had many related agencies there, a self-defence demonstration, and a Tae Kwon Do demonstration as well. But the main reason I want to talk about the rally is because I performed two poetry pieces which, I think anyway ;), really made the rally! 😀

I performed Kathleen Hanna’s piece called “The Middle of the Night in My House” and Andrea Gibson’s “Blue Blanket” (which can be found at her official site and her myspace). Gibson’s piece was critique for being “too long for the venue.” Which I can understand. I also didn’t perform it as well as Hanna’s piece. Slam poetry is also modern and I don’t think appreciated enough. It’s not what I write, but I enjoy it. I think it’s pretty smart. And really, I wanted the idea of the education of boys as the most important factor in ending rape to be included. Self-defense is great, but it’s not going to end rape.

There is a student making a documentary of the Take Back the Night committee and event! WOOOOOO! I can’t wait to see myself all red in the face and screaming!



  1. 35mmlens said

    in las cruces? cuz i thought it was the 24th here….

    i ❤ kathleen hanna!

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