Week 4 Reading

For one who is interested in an issue, blogging and Wed 2.0 can be a starting place to gain information. Blogs offer a place for debate that may not be available in a person’s normal social life. Activism is really up to the reader. It “foments” activism because the issues discussed can be motivating.

Compared to the usual critiques pop culture receives and as far as I’ve read, the satire of Sarah Haskins showcases the stupidity of it. It’s just about the only way I want to hear about the sexism in commercials. I’m down for a scholarly article discussing the impact of elements of pop culture as well, however. I think her method of critique is effective becauseit mocks more than whines. I have a hardcore girl crush on Sarah Haskins! The Carl’s Jr. critique was the best because the commercials were the worst.

Feministing and Racialicious serve function as examples of activism because the blogs involve the read in discussion. This helps the readers to think for themselves. In analysing the blogs, the reader takes part. Reading one blog that analyzes pop culture helps to spread the theory used in the article to other situations. Embedded in the mind of the reader is the critique. The reader then makes the choice to use the analysis and become an activist. The videos have the same effect on the viewer. Poehler et al has have a different focus, however, which is to show examples of gals who rock! This is a form of activism because it brings to view that which is not seen in pop culture.


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