Easy Curves

I don’t know if this should go under wed discoveries or just as a post. But, goodness! it’s funny! Well sort of. The website and commercial have a softcore porn kind of feel to them. The product is advertised as an exercise tool that will “sculpt a beautiful bust linethrough a full range of motion, to lift, firm and enlarge in just 5 minutes a day.” An easy way to get $10 off of thousands of women. They are all white women in the commercial an on the website. It seems to me that doing push ups or a bit of weight lifting would get the same results. I don’t think this product really even needs to exist! And yet it does. 

And what does “Research Throws Women a Curve Ball Mean?” You can see the commercial on YouTube.

Further, it turns out they make their money through shipping you vitamins and charging on your card as this person posted at Yahoo and here. There is even have a blog to battle those who may think it a scam. I don’t think it’s a scam. I think it’s another thing for women to buy because women’s role is often as consumer. What do women want to buy? Things to make their boobs bigger! The blog is interesting. I think the author is suppose to be a buyer of the product, but it’s really just a repeat of the commercial.

I think most of us have enough common sense not to buy a product like this. But it does sell and they make their money off of the need perpetuated by these products and advertising, that women have to be continuously youthful. I’m recalling a chapter in The Feminine Mystique about the child bride. But I think I’m going to stop here.


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