Web Discovery! #2

Larry Summers, Women and Maths is a great article about boys and girls’ natural math abilities which is really NOT divided by sex at all. One point that stood out to me was on the average and mean measurements of boys and girls’ math scores. Boys are likely to have varied results from poor to exceptional, but girls’ scores are clustered around the average.

The cartoon is great! When a boy is bad at math, it is not all boys who are bad at math. But if it is a girl who is not so good at math, the judgement is made that all girls are bad at math. Further the author points out that parent encouragement and peer encouragement is likely to be gendered. And, I would add that teachers often encouragement is often gendered as well! Does anyone know how gendered teaching is being battled? I think learning to teach in a way that is not sexist, is sooooo important!


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