Reflection- Will it be One of My Last Posts?

Who knows if this will be one of my last posts. I think about how I might want to continue blogging. But my life is freaking busy! And who reads this? My class mates. And after the class is over? No one will. I appreciate the experience of creating a blog. I appreciate the creativity of reading, thinking, and writing.

I’m not so anti-blog as I was before I took this class. I see the importance of women blogging since there is so much sexism on the Internet. Feminists are right along side the rest of the bloggers. We have our blogging places and we need to become part of the blogs that are getting a lot of the attention. This is how the f-word will become acceptable again by being part of the issues deemed “important” by the masses, this will get gender issues out of the margin.

A blog is a person’s opinion about a topic. When someone searches the topic, feminist opinions are available for the curious. Slowly, feminist philosophy will become better understood as it stands today. The critiques and analysis of feminist/gender philosophy will become a part of what is considered important. In this way, Web 2.0 is a place for the future of feminist discussion. Here is a place for discussion and awareness to grow. Here is a place to look for motivation.

Five classes next in the fall! I think I’ve got a new plan for this blog.



  1. arthermit said

    Congrats on surviving your first eight weeks of blogging! Your posts are well-written and insightful, I especially enjoyed pieces like “Like Reinventing the Wheel” and the song lyrics/poems.

    I’m not sure what you’re planning to do with this blog after the class ends, but if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  2. T-ALL-A said

    I feel the same way that you do… once class is over who will really read my blog.. To be honest with you I have gotten a few comments for people outside of the class… which leads me to believe that I’m not entirely crazy and I must be saying something worth reading. TIMES ARE BUSY, believe me I know, but I think you have alot of great and insightful things to say so keep blogging the good fight!

  3. 35mm_lens said

    i’m glad you’re appreciative of the experience of blogging….because i’m so familiar with it, i guess this experience wasn’t as revolutionary to me as with someone who hasn’t blogged before…..

  4. I’ll still read it.

    but i know what you mean by not enough time

    but i have enjoyed reading your blog.


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