Web Discovery #5 Whatwhat?

I love male feminists! Let me know what you think.

A Male Feminist Blog



  1. Alia said

    I thouroughly enjoyed reading your blog because I have often felt the same way about blogs. In your last posting for course material I understood what you were saying. It was interesting to read about your thoughts and opinions. Since we are both in the same boat about not really knowing much about blogging, constructive criticism is hard. Perhaps just adding pictures or more “bling.” Other than that I enjoyed reading your postings.

  2. cyberfeminist1 said

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! Your posts are very short (at least compared to mine, haha) but it makes getting your point rather quicker. I liked reading your blog because I got to see things from your perspective, which I found to be really neat. You keep things interesting and I think that was your major strength. Keep up the good blogging and I hope you have a good summer.

  3. vickeycheng said


    Your blog is a pretty interesting blog. I have also read about the male feminism blog that you posted. It was really hard to understand what men think. I talked to my husband and his friends about feminism all the time, and in term, they told me that there should be a masculumism (spare me for my mis-spelling) or Men Study to create the equality between genders. It was really comfort to see the male feminist blog.

    I also enjoy the lyrics that you posted, I have never heard of them before, but I like the lyrics for now.

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