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Take Back the Night 4/4/09

Saturday was the Take Back the Night rally and march! It was great! Attendants still don’t get the idea of a MARCH, however. They totally speed walk it. But it’s only the third year. These college and high school students are not activists on a regular basis. We had many related agencies there, a self-defence demonstration, and a Tae Kwon Do demonstration as well. But the main reason I want to talk about the rally is because I performed two poetry pieces which, I think anyway ;), really made the rally! 😀

I performed Kathleen Hanna’s piece called “The Middle of the Night in My House” and Andrea Gibson’s “Blue Blanket” (which can be found at her official site and her myspace). Gibson’s piece was critique for being “too long for the venue.” Which I can understand. I also didn’t perform it as well as Hanna’s piece. Slam poetry is also modern and I don’t think appreciated enough. It’s not what I write, but I enjoy it. I think it’s pretty smart. And really, I wanted the idea of the education of boys as the most important factor in ending rape to be included. Self-defense is great, but it’s not going to end rape.

There is a student making a documentary of the Take Back the Night committee and event! WOOOOOO! I can’t wait to see myself all red in the face and screaming!


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Odyshape Lyrics

I have come to terms with the fact that my Women’s Studies assignment is not going to get done tonight. So I’ll make some posts for my own creative outpour in hope of discussion. Here’s another song by The Raincoats (I hope no one is tired of hearing about them yet!)


She looks, She looks embarrassed, embarrassed

She looks in mirror in magazine

I’m not glamourous or polished

In fact I’m no ornament

it could be my body shape

I wonder if I’ll ever look right

Blot on the landskape, unrefined

Quite out of place

Her nose is too big

Maybe operation

Her waist too wide. Slim slim

Her hair is not shining. Oh!

It isn’t fair she isn’t fair

You’re walking sad

You’re looking bad

you’re talking sad

You’re looking bad

Hung up for fractional inches

Hung up for the cloth that pinches

Do I measure up to your expectations?

Am I owed any explanations?


The Raincoats. “Odyshape.” 1980, 1993. Geffen Records Inc.

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Only Loved At Night

Well, I thought I would post lyrics to The Raincoats’ songs. When I was looking for lyrics months ago, I couldn’t find them on the Internet. So, to be helpful to others and spread awareness of The Raincoats, I’m going to do some typing. Also, I would hope that if there is anyone else out there with the lyrics to the first self-titled album, you will post them as well. I’m interested in the song “Off Duty Trip.”

The song topics are also related to my blog! So that’s a plus!

“Only Loved At Night”

A beauty only loved at night

At daytime a face full of marks

Her eyes have been in flames all night

The sun won’t have eyes for her again.

Only loved at night, the lady in the dark

Knew the size of tall buildings

How dear a day kiss could be

Those buildings that saw all the airplanes

That kissed the air in vain fantasies

Only loved at night

The lady in the dark

Didn’t her eyes reflect all of this?

Why couldn’t they look into her eyes?

Didn’t each night lover her another time

Male nights and sometimes female

Boys loved her at night

Girls love her in the dark.


The Raincoats. “Only Loved at Night.” 1980, 1993. Geffen Records Inc.

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The Raincoats, “Odyshape”

 This quite long. I am very moved by Odyshape and everyone needs to know.

I just got Obyshape by The Raincoats. I had to pay $47 for it, but it entirely worth it! All of The Raincoat’s albums have been discontinued by the manufacturer. So I had to go to and still, to receive the CD “like brand new,” it was that price. I made a counter bid for the LP that the was being sold for $120. But I’m not willing to go much higher than half of that, considering I don’t have a record player! So, no LP for me. As I paid for the CD, I wondered if I was using an object to make me happy. I have my favorite songs on myspace and some other’s on Rhapsody (which does not offer all the Odyshape album). But it’s for my birthday and I said what the hell.

My husband took our children out so I could make some bread and have some alone time. I put in the CD and cranked it up because it has wonderful low bass tones that are essential to the experience. I got to baking.

I read a scholarly article once about The Raincoats called “Off Duty Trip” by Caroline O’meara. There was a quote of a discussion between members of Gang of Four:

Andy Gill: Imagine . . . if we were women. Is our music male music?

Hugo Burnham: You’re asking me, is our music male music?

Gill: Right.

Burnham: What do you mean by ‘male music’?

Gill: Would women play what we do? Could we be women? I doubt it.

Burnham: I don’t know. It’s a ridiculous question.

Jon King: It’s not ridiculous.

Burnham: I suppose we wouldn’t be playing the same music. I suppose. But is the Raincoats’ music ‘female music’?

Gill: Quite

Burnham: Why is it?

Gill: No –that’s the question. I’m not sure. Having said what I’ve said –it strikes me as dangerous to equate certain types of music with men or women, with sexuality.

When I was studying Woolf, we discussed how there are structural differences between male and female writing styles. The writing style was connected with sexuality not just gender. If you ever have the chance, listen to the album. Songs can easily be found at myspace look for “Shouting Out Loud” and “Only Loved at Night.” But to listen to the album entirely is the best experience. This is a psychedelic/experimental album. The lyrics speak of women’s issues/experiences. But it’s not Beyonce doing her chicken strut in her bathing suit and high heels singing to “all the single ladies.” Perhaps this could be expanded another time, but I really see her dance as a strut and a bet-you -want-some-of this-dance,-but-you-should-have-put-at-ring-on-it. It’s for men as well not just the script for women. It uses sex to get a guy agree to getting married. (Yes, must continue that discussion later.)

The Raincoats’ music-language is feminine in my mind, and I don’t see anything wrong with calling it feminine. The rhythm is dance-able in a way that, is individual: you dance with yourself when you listen to this album. It has the rolling in the music that reminds me of The Grateful Dead. The strange bends in the guitar lines, the waxing and waning violin, and the moments where every instrument and voice moves like it’s being shaken. It’s like the oddities in the lesser known Pink Floyd albums. Bikini Kill is the embracing of one’s inner slut. While, The Raincoats are like reading Mrs. Dalloway; they sing the story of Mrs. Ramsay in that they sing of women’s everyday lives.

Sometimes called punk or just alternative, I just want to roll my hips and body and jump up and down and shake my hair all over the place. But never in angry violence. The music turns round and round like the drawing of the feminine plot chart for literature. It makes its center, expands, comes back again. It is beyond rising climax, climax, resolution.

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