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Defend the Sluts

“Women trying to get attention.” Trying to be loved the only they know how.

So here I am to defend the sluts. The women who hurt themselves. Me who hurt myself and as one who has over come this status, married and dedicated to monogomy

As long as he is.

It’s more than brainwashing when we are socialized to be sexual objects.

 To be the pleasure of another is much greater than being the pleasure of one’s self when the self is not loved by others. Where’s the love Daddy? Or did you just see me as the female I am? You can’t hide it from me. In your eyes I see what I am to you: Less-than. Less than so much and with anopposing sex organ. And when we’ve sexually matured, we look for our daddies in the men we seduce, persuade, attract. We look for that look you gave.

And women hate the sluts because another searches life through her lover.

You can’t own him, but you can hate me. And we- we want to be someone else’s if not for thirty minutes, twenty, fifteen, ten- whatever we can get. Because to be alive for just that moment when he gives us life, is worth the hate you have for me. To feel like a wanted Being with a purpose in life. I’ll stand the shame and the further slicing of our sex into categories: Christian, moralless, old, young, rich, poor, and the fracturing of flesh color. For the moment when I am not a loose string needing to be plucked for the visual perfection. For it, I will take your despise.

So here’s my short skirt- my radical flag. I’m insatiable and out of your control.

No condemnation from any religious institution will make me get on my knees so they can measure the length of this hem.


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