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Web Discovery #5 Whatwhat?

I love male feminists! Let me know what you think.

A Male Feminist Blog


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Web Discovery! #4

Easily enough found! I searched feminist blog and came up with this one! Just one more to link to for the spread of feminist blogs! YAY!

Feminist Blogs

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Web Discovery #3

Economic Womanis a blog that some of you may have run into already. But I want to promote it further because I think women need a place that is not male dominated to encourage their interest and begin their discussions on economics. It relates it’s posts to women’s issues, but its focus is economics.

Economics is not something I have gotten into yet. I’ll have to check out this site some more and it’s links. She is out of Canada, but I don’t think that is going to interfere with the ideas. I appreciate the links to other economic blogs.

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Web Discovery! #2

Larry Summers, Women and Maths┬áis a great article about boys and girls’ natural math abilities which is really NOT divided by sex at all. One point that stood out to me was on the average and mean measurements of boys and girls’ math scores. Boys are likely to have varied results from poor to exceptional, but girls’ scores are clustered around the average.

The cartoon is great! When a boy is bad at math, it is not all boys who are bad at math. But if it is a girl who is not so good at math, the judgement is made that all girls are bad at math. Further the author points out that parent encouragement and peer encouragement is likely to be gendered. And, I would add that teachers often encouragement is often gendered as well! Does anyone know how gendered teaching is being battled? I think learning to teach in a way that is not sexist, is sooooo important!

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Web Discovery: False Rape Society

Just read the comments.

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